5 Self-Reflections I Gained Through My Social Media Fast



My daily influences, coming from social media, were negatively impacting my emotional,physical and spiritual state.  I was unaware of this until I fasted from social media.  Therefore, I wanted to share my experience and the reflections I gained.

There are 5 things I learned through this fast:

  1. Social media is very negative which was causing me to dread the future
  2. I was basing my daily self worth on how many “likes” I received on my pictures
  3. I had forgotten to be still and enjoy quiet moments of reflection, thus missing out on the still small voice
  4. I was foregoing ‘real’ social situations to instead stay home
  5. Worrying about constantly checking and updating my status created a lot of anxiety in my daily life

I wanted to share my reflections with you as they really opened my eyes and have allowed me the opportunity to reflect and redirect my future.

Negative Influence

Naturally I tend to be a more kind, gentle and optimistic person.  However, I was becoming a negative person with lots of unkind thoughts of how I was viewing others.  Constantly posting on social media can, and often does, cause others to embellish their lives.  Oftentimes, I would spend too much time thinking negatively about why someone posted something.  Knowing that sometimes what was being posted was not truly reflecting that persons life was frustrating me. This is a very embarrassing thing to admit, as I don’t want to think of others in a judgmental state.  Who am I to judge another? I found myself losing patience with others and not wanting to extend grace to others.

A great majority of information being passed along on social media is very negative and hurtful.  I felt most of the messages on my feeds were tearing others down, highlighting discriminatory words and creating an atmosphere of dividing people.

Self Worth

Unfortunately, I was basing my daily self worth on how many likes I would get on a Facebook post and how many friends I had on my list.  I was going franticly, to and fro, adding friends and posting the right meme/joke/post trying to get likes.

Basing my self worth on social media likes/comments/replies was carrying over to my ‘real’ life.  I had found my self always second guessing myself and my choices, unable to feel confident.  I was always looking for someone to see what I was doing and “comment/like” it.

It was truly a daily battle to convince myself to not give up on my dream and passion.  I felt my mission slipping so quickly out of my grasp.  How can I, help women become more confident, if I was struggling with my own self-worth?

Having a healthy self-esteem/worth is very important.  Author Eldon Taylor stated, “Self-esteem describes a person’s overall sense of self worth or personal value.  It’s the feeling of self appreciation and is an indispensable emotion for people to adapt to society and live their lives.” www.eldontaylor.com

My mind had become temporary polluted with imaginary self-worth. I know  who I am and from where I came!  There is no second guessing my divine purpose and mission now.

Still Small Voice

I had found myself always checking my social medial accounts in times of stillness, causing me to lose opportunities to ponder.  I had lost, for a moment, the benefit of listening for ways to help and serve those in my life.

My first reaction in the morning was to check my social media accounts; starting my day off this way had me focusing on the wrong things.  Now I am making time each morning to be still and learn again listen to that still small voice.  Greater joy has filled my heart as I have been able to lift and serve others and show kindness through serving.

I, once again, am finding moments to be still and listen.


Most of my social life was based on social media, getting as many likes and friends as possible.  Its interesting because I remember being a teenager and being happy with just a couple close friends.  Now here I am spinning my wheels trying to gain a huge following.

After 80 years, Harvard University published a study titled, ” Happiness and Its Secrets,” in 2017.  One of the largest studies, totally 80 years of data.  Their researchers studied their participants’ health trajectories ( physical and mental) and their broader lives.  One of the secrets to happiness, published, was having Quality not Quantity of relationships.  ” More than money or fame, close relationships is what keeps people happy throughout their lives.  Those ties protect people from life’s discontents, help to delay mental and physical decline, and are better predictors of long and happy lives than social class, IQ or even genes.”

Building strong, meaningful relationships is and shall be more important to me from now on.  There can be so much wisdom and joy in learning from others.

Unnecessary Worry

Being in a constant state of competing for likes, friends and popularity was causing me to worry unnecessarily.  It is not my true nature, to worry if someone likes me.  Focusing on these negative behaviors increased my anxiety and worry over such frivolous things.  Without really knowing it, my spirit was crying out to find inner peace.

According to, Johns Hopkins Medicine, The effects of anxiety on the heart.  “When someone is anxious, their body reacts in ways that can put an extra strain on their heart… Increased blood pressure, if chronic can lead to coronary disease, weakening of the heart muscle and hear failure.”  Anxiety and Heart Disease:  Johns Hopkins Women’s Cardiovascular.

This is an great opportunity for me, now I am a Grammy, for me to get of rid of unnecessary anxiety which can cause physical complications.  My constant social media checking has been placed with brief, but meaningful, moments of meditation.


Will you take my challenge?  Fast from social media for 10 days and spend some time reflecting on your daily life.  Have you been missing out on Truly Living?  Are their relationships to build?  Do you have anything to restore, such as: self worth, inner peace, happiness?

Enjoy learning and reflecting about yourself!  Remember- those who find no need to improve are those who are stuck in unworthy patterns.

XOXO- Benevolent Beauty By Bobbi




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