Are you struggling to reach your potential?

Are you feeling lost and unsure whether or not you can do what you want to do?  Or have been called to do?  Has doubt and fear taken over your internal self?  If so, you are not alone.  It happens to us all.  Why?  Because there is an all out war against the light within us all.

The goodness, light, within each of us has a great potential to:

  • Uplift others
  • Create happiness
  • Be a means of support
  • Provide a way to live and love without restriction

These are all good things.  Things that can change our families and the world for good.  That is why there is a war.  Darkness does not like light, fear does not like strength, doubt does not like potential and hate does not like love!  But to you I say this day- YOU ARE ENOUGH!  You are enough to have love, to have strength, to reach your potential!

Potential means ‘existing in possibility’ and ‘what we are capable of becoming/existing’.

There are two types of personal potential: Dormant and Kinetic.

Dormant means not showing signs of movement or activity. Waiting for some outside activity to occur for you to reach your great potential is dormant potential.

Kinetic is the energy possess by an object in motion.  Daily intentional actions towards your potential is storing energy for the final kinetic movement.  The kinetic movement of your great potential to break through!

How does this apply to us and potential?

Each of us have a potential and it is up to us rather or not we want to use it or store it.

Is there something you find yourself wanting to accomplish in life?  Do you feel the call to do something?  However great or small, I believe we are each called to accomplish something in our lifetime.  I call that our internal potential!  Or in other words, a purpose.

For instance, I have always had the desire to help and uplift others.  I wanted to be a source of light for others who were hurting.  I wanted to be the one person I always needed.  However, I would allow my own insecurities and doubt to push away my good desires.  I would lay dormant my potential due to the doubt and fear that would creep in.  Oddly enough, it wasn’t until a wonderful friend of mine said something casually to me, that I begin then to create the needed kinetic energy for moving my potential into action.  I am not even sure my friend, to this day, understands the great effect she had on me with that statement??  My friend simply said, “Bobbi I see you blogging, I see you sharing your story and helping many women just like you.”  I have pondered on that statement for many seconds, minutes and  hours!  Then I thought, “Can I really help?”  Is there someone out there who would want to hear my story or who could relate?  That statement from my friend helped me start the process of breaking down my own doubt, fear and insecurities.  I realized I AM ENOUGH! I don’t need to wait for the perfect moment, the right amount of money, or the right words.  I already have everything I need.

That is what I did and I am hear to once again tell you: YOU ARE ENOUGH!  Is there something you feel prompted to do, something you have always wanted to do, something you need to share?   If so, start today, break down your stored potential.  Instead work on your kinetic energy, to kick start your potential.

There is hard work in getting the large stone, of your work, up the sometimes endless hill, of life!  However, once the large stone is on top of that large hill, you will be ready to use your kinetic energy and push the large stone down hill.  Your joy will be full as you watch your potential doing what it was meant to do!

I love this quote, ” If it is meant to be, it is up to me!”  It is my prayer and hope that my words can be your catalyst to help you reach your potential.


Benevolent Beauty By Bobbi



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