Are you open to what comes next?

Are you open to what comes next?

Sometimes our journey in life takes us to places we don’t see coming?  We can be standing at the cross hairs of four corners, wondering which road to take……

Are you struggling with the next stage in your life?  Its easy to allow fear to creep in and shame us to move forward.  It can appear to be less exhausting to turn around and go back.

Fear is:

  • A complete and utter liar
  • A debilitating emotion
  • A life stopping reaction

I can on and on about what fear is, but the point is you are stronger than fear!  Fear is an emotion, sometimes a perfectly acceptable emotion.  Nonetheless, it is an emotion.  If you are seeking a new journey in your life, do it!  Don’t be crippled with fear which leads to doubt.  As my dad would say, ” You gotta take the bull by the horns!”

Be open to your next story, embrace it and enjoy it!


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