Dear Paisley’s Mom and Dad

daughter, parents, raising a child, parenting, first time parents, mom and dad, grandaughter, teachWhat a wonderful time for both of you, the arrival of your baby girl, your beautiful daughter.  A precious child made in the image of a wonderful Father in Heaven, a beautiful concoction of both of you.

Becoming a new parent can be scary and exciting at the same time, looking into your child’s eyes the first time gives you a glimpse of eternity.  Being a parent is a forever title, wear it with honor.

The beginning of this journey will be filled with lots of joy and happiness with your days now being basked in the light of being new parents.  Wrapping your baby in your arms for the first time and seeing her beautiful soul will be a moment never to be forgotten.  Will your days always be this precious? I wish I could grant you that, but I cannot. They will not and these are the days I want to write about.

Soon, life will settle in and the adrenaline of being new parents will fade.  Soon you will be tired, so tired you can’t even remember when you last showered or brushed your hair.  You will question what day of the week it is?  The cry of your baby will cause an all out emergency to figure out what is wrong. But it will be okay! Paisley will cry, she will spit up all over your perfectly clean shirt and she will get sick.  But it will be okay!

There will be moments of sadness, tiredness, a sense of loosing your mind- but it will be okay!

Every day, hug Paisley and tell her you love her, even when she doesn’t understand what you say.  Enjoy the important things of life- don’t stress over a perfectly clean house, a perfectly made dinner, a perfect life.  Create a home of peace, love and beauty.  Don’t allow the world to teach your daughter- you be the teachers:

  • Teach Paisley to love, serve and find joy in every situation
  • Teach Paisley to find beauty all around
  • Teach Paisley that there is goodness in the world today, help her to see it
  • Teach Paisley to value education, for with knowledge comes freedom
  • Teach Paisley about who she is and help her develop her talents
  • Teach Paisley to stand up for herself and feel confident in her beliefs
  • Love Paisley as she is!  A beautiful daughter of our Father in Heaven!

When Paisley gives your moments of frustration, as she grows, use those moments to teach of grace and forgiveness.  Provide Paisley with gentle guidance and hope for a better future.

Love and hug Paisley every day!


Grammy Sparkles


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