Failing is all part of the plan

Why is failing part of the plan?

Failing is part of life, its part of the learning curve.  We should not define ourselves by our failures. Imagine if we always succeeded at what we did, there would be no real learning in that.  It is almost crazy to think of succeeding at our first attempt.

I was in a Psychology class, back in my day, and my teacher’s first comment to us was this, ” If you fail this class- it will be okay!”  I was immediately scared.  Why would she open like that?  Then she went on to explain her theory.  So many students would fail a class and never recover from the ego blow, some would even go as far as dropping out of school.  We can create false illusions within ourselves, that we have to do everything perfect the first time.  The teacher, who was the school counselor, told us that failing a class was sometimes a good thing.  When we fail a class and retake it, we will gain greater insight and knowledge in that subject.

We can take this advice into any stage of our life, no matter what we are set out to do.  Going to school, starting a business, starting a family (or perhaps in the middle of raising a family), starting our career, etc…..Our first attempt at something will not be our best attempt.  As we continue to work on our goal we will continually get better.  We can and will have many bumps/failures on the road.  What we do with these failures can really determine our future.  You can reach that dream/goal you set for yourself.

We are each on our own stage in our life.  Perhaps you are just starting towards your dream?  Perhaps you are almost there?  Perhaps you need more time and guidance to get started?  Wherever you are on your journey, just be moving!  Don’t allow fear to stop you in your tracks.

Have you forgotten your dream because of failure?  Getting back on track will help you to gain a deeper sense of self.  Comparing yourself with other people can big a big hindrance to your dream.  We are not made to be like our neighbor.  Please know that were are supposed to be different from each other.  We are supposed to have different gifts and talents, don’t let ‘what you don’t have,’ take you off course.  You will never become your neighbor- BE YOU!

Working on your Dream

  • Write down your dream
  • Write down your mission/purpose
  • Write down what you need to fulfill this mission
  • Just write- get started!

As we become perfected into something, we gain a deeper insight into who we are.  Maybe its time to try again?  Each of us are like a flower in a garden, beautiful and unique in our own way.  And as we develop our talents we will grow in our individuality.  Our individuality deepens and we stand out as who we really are.  CS Lewis wrote:  Good as it continually ripens becomes different, not only from evil but from other people.  Being different is good! It is actually how are designed to be. As we continually strive to work on our talents and abilities we will further stand out.  Don’t allow fears of individuality take you away from your dreams!  Be you, be the best you and reach your dream!!


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4 thoughts on “Failing is all part of the plan

    1. Absolutely! When we realize failing is okay and good, then growth happens. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  1. I love the saying “failing forward” and it means something like even if you keep failing, just use that to propel yourself forward. Learn from your mistake, dust yourself up and try again 🙂

    1. Thank You Marielle :). Learning from mistakes is such a great movement towards awesomeness! #failingforward

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