I am a Wounded Healer- shaped by reality

I am a Wounded Healer, shaped by my reality

I have suffered many afflictions in my life and I am grateful for them.  For they have shaped me into the person I have become.  I know that our Father in Heaven uses times of suffering to transform us into an instrument to help others heal.  Suffering through trials has allowed me to develop compassion towards others.  Compassion means to suffer with.  Until you have survived the heart wrenching suffering that shakes you to your core, you can not develop compassion towards others to help them.

Victor Frankel said, ” What is to give light, must first ensure burning.”  Victor was a Holocaust survivor.

Our Savior is the ultimate wounded healer.  He has laid the foundation for us to become wounded healers.  Through his suffering he has gained the compassion needed to redeem us! His grace, love, mercy and compassion is enough for each of us.  I want to use my compassion to help others, to help even just one person.

The trials in our life help reshape us to have compassion.  Being compassionate does not give anyone the reason or right to tell others what to do.  Instead, being a wounded healer allows you to offer your compassion to help someone on their journey.   Just knowing someone understands what you are going through and how you are hurting, can help!  Have you ever reached out to someone who you know has suffered what you are suffering?  I have and that is why there are so many support groups available.

The Savior sets a great example of compassion. He leads us tenderly, he essentially wipes away our tears, he sends heavenly angels to protect us and he understands and knows us!  The Savior does not tell us what to do or shame and condemn us.  Maybe we are suffering because of a bad choice?  He still has compassion!  This is the example we should follow. You can use your experiences to help heal those around you becoming a wounded healer.

  • What have you suffered?
  • How have you healed?
  • What compassion do you hold in your heart for others?
  • Will you be a wounded healer today, to maybe just one individual?




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8 thoughts on “I am a Wounded Healer- shaped by reality

  1. I love this post. It’s a great reminder of the Lord’s faithful love and compassion never fails us. It can be hard sometimes, but I’ve noticed that when I am trying to be as compassionate and faithful as possible, I feel the most peace in my relationship with the Lord.

  2. Suffering certainly can teach us a lot about ourselves. It also makes us stronger people. I’ve spoke to others who have gone through similar experiences to me and it’s been very helpful to know I’m not alone. It’s also nice when someone else thanks you for advice if you have already come through the struggle/ suffering.
    Becca // http://www.beccasloveforlife.blogspot.com

    1. Becca- For me, just knowing someone has gone through the same trial gave me great comfort and peace. It was a great help for me to know that “this truly will pass.” Thanks 🙂

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