Love-Our Daily Foundation

When love is our daily foundation, we win!

Have you ever woke up already upset with the day ahead of you?

Do you find yourself just simply getting thru the day?

I have…. more times than I would like in my book of life.  However, the good news is…..  I can choose not to.  That’s right, I can choose how to live each and every day!  Sometimes life can just plain be awful, trials will come, tragedy will beset you and the rain will set in.  No one is exempt from adversity.  There are hard choices to be made and consequences that simply will not go away. But the good news is:  We can choose Love!  Something, sparkly, happens when we choose love rather than defeat, sadness, anger, envy and loathing.  I do understand however, there is a grieving process when things happen, and I do no discredit that. But rather, what I am saying is, we can choose Love as our daily foundation.

We our day is built upon love something happens:

  • Envy leaves
  • Anger resides
  • Judging stops
  • Compassion is full force
  • Service is second nature
  • A gentle hand reaches for another
  • Eyes are open to learning
  • Laughter fills our ears instead of criticism
  • Hearts swell

Benevolence happens.  Benevolence is the intent of well-doing!  Try it.  Build your day on love and look for the sparkles.  Shine with love and others will too.  We often get back what we put into the world.

I would love to see all your sparkly moments of Love.  Post them at my Instagram share them on my Facebook.

Lets build today with Love!




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